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It happened in my childhood that I already felt in having a lot of problems leading from difficult homework to mistreatment by companions. I prayed to god for help solving my difficulties but I mostly did not have the impression that I was helped.

Like the flash of a lightning one day I came to the conclusion that I have to solve the problems myself (if one believe in god or not - you must get active).

When my father brought home a computer for work and did a lot of problem solving using the computer I got interested in it ... ... and solving a lot of "problems" with the computer (not mentioning the problems it created ;-) ) it brought me to my profession...

However, in my life beside the computer I still felt a lot of problems and as I was used to finish homework before going to play I also felt that I must solve my problems before I can start to be happy and satisfied. I found that for a lot of personal problems (communication difficulties, broken toys and hearts or many other) common root problems could be identified and so I started to dig for the root problems and tried to solve those. And that helped more because I could solve a number of problems at once solving the primary one. But again there were always problems remaining.

At university after attending a course (that did not belong to my subjects in reality) about ZEN meditation I read a little about buddhism and it said: "There is suffering."

With the experience of the meditation and some information I started to accept the permanent existence of problems - it is something "normal". Knowing that problems are something normal, the word "problem" looses it's negative attribute a little.

I remember a question from the audience of a buddhism event I attended by accident many years later: "Is the computer a bad thing that we should avoid?" - Smiling a little I expected the speaker to say: "Yes, it is a bad thing". But he answered: "A computer is a wonderful thing that can help us having satori (enlightment)". Later I understood that while growing into the computer business the computer taught me analysing or solving problems - and much more (even if it also created a lot of problems - or did I create those myself ;-) ).

Looking back, the trigger of big steps forward in my personal development was again and again the feeling of having a problem. And then I searched for a solution. So being aware that some current habit or strategy is not working (any more) well is a first important thing.

Especially (but not only) in the last months I had a lot of help from nice people improving my life's quality in general. And reading a lot of productivity and life improvement blogs in the last months gave me a lot of very important incentives.

I do want to contribute to this wonderful community.

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