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Focus of this blog is problem solving so this blog is meant to be a part of the productivity and life improvement blogs.

Why talking about "problems"?
The word problem seems to have a negative touch.

I did sometimes feel a sense of guilt when talking about problems. People need to get motivated and when talking about problems you get a lot of resistance - nobody wants to hear bad truth.

But history of humanity is history of problems and suffering.
Buddhism philosophy states "There is suffering".
So we can also say: "There are problems".

When people don't have problems they are likely to create some of their own because of their tendency to be lazy.

But the word problem is not necessarily negative. Naming something as a problem is getting aware of a barrier. This is the first required step before you can put it out of your way.

Getting aware of a problem is the opportunity to improve the situation.

And improving your situation and environment is improving your life - improving the quality of your being.

Improving your life is success. Success is happiness and motivation.

Solving problems is success, happiness and motivation!

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Ultima_Thule said...

Or maybe the heart lies in the naming? Maybe the problem is a chance? No, of course, is not simple, easy and fun. Not the way to go. In these times of suffering (too often), but not always confused with inconvenience.